Friday, January 6, 2012

something new and somewhere new

Happy New Year again. I have decided to try and stretch my wings.

I am jumping into something new and fresh and interesting.

My blog will now be hosted at word press. I have tried them out for a week and we seem to be getting along nicely.

I am interested in generating more visitors to facilitate more conversation. I want to talk some about books. Books I am reading, others are reading, books I want to read. This will be a good fit for this. I have enjoyed comments in the past and look forward to more lively discussions through the computer venue.

I learned quite a bit to say the least while I was exploring this address.

Thank you for following me here. Please join me (and tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers) as I venture out there and learn and grow and stretch into something even more creative and interesting.

"Always desire to learn something useful."
— Sophocles: was an ancient Greek playwrights

See you when you get there, I will be waiting. Miss Daleen

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