Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Show and Tell

One of my favorite times in elementary school was “show and tell”. I loved see other people’s collections and special dolls or toys. I really loved hearing the other kids talk about their stuff. You could tell even when you were a little kid that it was super important to them.

When son number two went to public school, we were living in Germany. I actually had to drive him and his collection to school for Show and Tell. You see, he was going to be a geologist and his collection was hundreds of rocks. All labeled and some in fishing tackle boxes and some in their own case. Dated and identified. You knew the minute you saw the collection that it was very, very important to him.

My friend is coming over to visit tomorrow. I am baking cinnamon, pecan scones to mark the occasion. We are having grown up Show and Tell. I have three craft projects to share. She has a craft project & a recipe to share. The grown up version is wonderful. You don’t feel like you are bragging. You feel like you are sharing and teaching. Instead of you being the know it all and talking too much, it just makes you feel special that your friend wants to share and give you apart of themselves.

Every once in a while a quilting friend will come over and has never seen my quilts. I take them on a tour so to speak. I chat about my quilts and when they were made and what state we were living in. I talk about hand quilting versus machine quilting. We talk about colors and fabrics and our favorite parts of each. Then without hesitation, I find it so easy to ask when I can come over and look at her quilts. I don’t feel intrusive, I feel honored that she looked at mine and I want her to feel the same when I view hers. It is a lovely grown up version of Show and Tell.

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. goethe

So true.

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